GLI ALTRI – Altrisuoni – June 2014

Dimitri Niccolai , Tenedle in art , ancient member of the band Laughing Silence , Florentine by birth but resident in the Netherlands, back to us with a new album , the fifth official (which must be ,should be added at least three collections made ​​at the turn of the last century and the first years of the new millennium) . In this new work confirms a unique talent in music in telling dreamlike visions working on paradoxes.
He’s a pop singer who eschews the structure ballad preferring to work on an elaborate sound and rich citations.
I’s music and it’s theater at the same time , his musical visions are little (and big) pictures almost to “see”.
Refined and cultured, metabolizes and revises all that in recent years has been born into musical territory. The result is definitely a great record . The credit is all his own, but we should not forget the contributions of trumpeter Bert Lochs , bassist Jos Caspers and the voice of Faith Salerno. Tenedle wrote a wonderful soundtrack for these dazed times.

Gianni Lucini – “Gli Altri” Altrisuoni
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