ROCKAMBULA december 2009

TENEDLE is one of those few musicians who have a natural talent for the song. Who write with great ease and are never unpleasant, that they always know what is the right word to use. In short, is a real songwriter…..When I read the flyer “Electronic Song Writer Music” I could not help but think of the awkward (to be polite) attempts by Tiziano Ferro and company to approach the dance. I have never been further from the truth:
TENEDLE “electronica” is refined and true bull’s eye, never intrusive, never exaggerated. Loops of drum machines, chiming piano and sampling effect in this album have different task to effectively support the voice, which obviously has the lead. TENEDLE make us travel with his songs in a world very personal yet shareable by all. A world in which we lose sight of our goals and we continue to make us questions, poised between religion and pad, always observed by the “beloved big brother.”
The message of “ALTER” is not negative, however: each piece is pervaded by a powerful sense of hope, and a realization that despite all its faults, this is still our planet.