For those who have not yet found a perfect definition of “alternative” and “eccentric.” For those who love electronic music. Sounds more subversive coming from the nordic tradition, born from the belly and make their way through the bits of a computer.
But even for those who miss the good old singer-songwriters : introspective, sometimes hermetic, melancholic, even reinterpreted on a very contemporary, almost futuristic. And finally, for those who think that Italian music, more so if an independent, non-commercial, can not cross national borders. All of them will love Dimitri Niccolai in art TENEDLE.
Florentine-borned “emigrated” for love in the Netherlands many years ago, the enigmatic, moonwalker Tenedle is back for a few weeks in his home town to present his fourth record work titled “GRANCASSA” published in December by UDU records, first presented in Florence last week in La Cite and at the Historical Theatre of Osteria Nuova.
Three years after “Alter,” six after “Luminal” and eight from “Psicfreakblusbus”, this truly unique artist, composer, ironic and “egocentrifugo” as the title of one of the singles who pulls the disc, once again demonstrates expressive qualities with 14 original songs, new and unexpected, each one is a story, a poetic short story, united by the common thread of loneliness and restlessness. The fusion of electronic music and songwritng works, and how ! Especially in songs like “Ideale” “Sta accadendo” and “Maledizione” including the great female voices of Marydim, Silvia Vavolo and Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, as well as guest trumpet Rocco Brunori. Info at


by Edoardo Semmola

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