MUSICBOX – january 2011

Electronics is an ugly beast. It’s easy to get carried away in using it and its use fall into a banal, in the repetitiveness and heard. A machine is still a machine, does not know the subtle, infinitesimal changes in the performance that you feel when a person is playing the music.
But there are those who know to use intelligent and very creative, and this is certainly the case of Tenedle (Dimitri Niccolai), a name known to fans of electronic music and, now with this “Grancassa” his fourth album (after “Psifreakblusbus” 2003, “Luminal” 2005 and “Alter” in 2007).
Compared with the previous “Alter”, within which we discovered this artist, Tenedle took a step further, crafting an album full of ideas and unexpected solutions, thanks to the contribution of magnetic voices by Marydim (“Ideale” and “In feedback”, really impressive), Silvia Vavolo (“Lo stato in cui mi cerco”, “La cura del suono” e “Maledizione”) and Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke (“Sta accadendo”) and Rocco Brunori on trumpet, which gives an intriguing slant to the songs with his precious contribute.
In this research of artistic interchange, lies the novelty of this album, which boasts at least two especially illuminating songs as the initial “Hikikomori” and “Egocentrifugo”, in which Tenedle ironically describes himself as a dinosaur, but it is clear that his design research led him always to the future. It’s healthy listening to a work like this, out of the cliché sound in writing ruling Italian music today. And when you have an elegant voice like this, when you can write melodies that are real melodies (when the notes go up and down the staff) and especially when you can sing them this way, we are already above the 70 % of the actual italian productions, wich is not really exciting in last years. It is in these high spheres that we successfully place our Tenedle.

Pierfrancesco Coppolella (Ruben)

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