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Tenedle Demetra Review

For those unaware, TENEDLE is a Composer/Songwriter, Producer, Performer and Sound Designer born in Florence (Italy) living in The Netherlands. In the second half of the ‘80s Tenedle was a member of the electronic new wave band Laughing Silence. The band breaks up in 1995 and Tenedle begins a series of collaborations and projects in the field of electronic music starting his solo career.
Since then Tenedle has released: Psicfreakblusbus (2003), Luminal (2005), Alter (2007) Grancassa (2010) Vulcano (2014) Odd To Love – A tribute to Emily Dickinson (2015) Traumsender (2018), The Beast of Tenedle (Songs collection 2019), Glossophobia (Soundtrack 2020) Stellar (Digital EP 2020) Dark Traumsender (Digital Remixes 2021) Shakespeare (Soundtrack 2022).
Distinguished by a mix of songwriting, electronic music, themes from the ‘imaginary’, Tenedle’s projects have led the press to call him “a visionary songwriter” and his songs to be described as “small films”.
Indeed, Tenedle is a contemporary songwriter and his music is a personal universe.
Over the years he has participated in several Prizes gaining recognition both in Italy and in the Netherlands. Tenedle presents his live performances based on electronic sound and visuals with some acoustic moments and theatrical hints. Alone or with guest musicians, in the years, Tenedle performed in Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxemburg.

Tenedle’s brand new, and 8th studio album is called Demetra and was released this past February 3rd, 2023.
1. Eden (3:12)
2. Mother Earth (9:30)
3. The Beast (4:32)
4. The Gift (4:57)
5. Broken (4:06)
6. Sister Power (4:44)
7. Eagle (2:50)
8. Same Old Song (4:29)
9. End Of Summer (4:06)
10. Special (2:14)
11. Stream Of Consciousness (3:49)
12. Cranes (7:00)
13. Ending Things (3:48)

This immaculately curated, organically-infused new recording opens with the enthusiastically beguiling Eden and the smooth, near ten minute, and veritably elastic Mother Earth, and then comes the impassioned The Beast, the AOR-prog lite feel of The Gift, the atmospherically-charged Broken and then we get the delicately synth and percussion-hued beauty of Sister Power.
Next up is the shuttering synth work of Eagle and that is in turn backed by one of my own personal favorites, the 80s-imbibed Same Old Song, and then comes the languishing End Of Summer, the gently rambunctious Special, the album rounding out on the soundscape-curated Stream Of Consciousness, the free flowing musical melodies within the glistening Cranes, coming to a close on the piano and percussion instrumental, and aptly-named Ending Things.

Featured Artists:
Maartje Teussink – Vocals on The Beast
Gina Graham – Vocals on Broken & Mother Earth
Sirena Riley – Vocals on Same Old Song
Bert Lochs – Trumpet Flugelhorn on Sister Power, End of Summer & Ending Things
I was looking for elements that represent nature but in a more dramatic sense than the icons related to those of the Goddess Demetra, who is often represented in pastoral scenes,” Tenedle explains.
Thus, Tenedle introduces Demetra, the eighth studio album that encloses and relaunches a human and artistic awareness capable of creating 13 intense tracks, songs suspended in time and linked by a live and visionary electric fire.
Anticipated by the single The Gift, released at the end of the old year, Demetra is a more meditative album than Traumsender. The songs, the words, the melodies, my voice, have rebalanced the initial ideas and led the work towards a record of songs, a contemporary, different author song.
Demetra, five years from the previous record, confirms the eclecticism of the Florentine artist living in The Netherlands, with an enveloping voice, cult pop, in the name of independence and research.