Immersed in art at 360 degrees, driven by a perpetual sentiment of experimentation and research, Tenedle (Dimitri Niccolai, Florentine by birth and Dutch by adoption) is not accustomed to conventional productions. He has always moved deftly between painting, music, dance, cinema and his works draw fully on these intrinsic and visceral passions, ending up being kaleidoscopes of profound suggestion. From the initial experience with Laughing Silence to the author’s wave of albums such as “Vulcano” and “Grancassa”, from theatrical adaptations for the Dutch company Teatherhuis010 to the productions of the Bender and P.A.S.E. up to the electro-expressionist plots of the last “Traumsender” (2018), the artist has constantly embellished his background by widening the creative horizons from time to time and giving life on the scene, with multimedia performances with a great scenic impact, to real artistic paintings.
Supported by the faithful label Sussurround, Tenedle inaugurates the new decade by dedicating itself to the composition of the soundtrack for “The Dormitory”, a film which he also authored of the writing of the screenplay. In other words, nothing strange if it were not that the film in question did not actually exist and that the unpublished project was only and exclusively the result of the speculation of the bizarre Tuscan researcher. “Glossophobia”, released on February 20, 2020 on digital platforms, is in fact a visionary concept composed of thirteen entirely instrumental sequences suspended between soundscapes, obsessive synthetic rhythms and ambient moods in which the materialization of the frames of the story is entrusted to the imagination’s ability. usufructuary on duty. An emotional trip, a hypnotic hallucination of great effect in which it is possible to insinuate itself only through attentive listening, perhaps using a nice pair of stereo headphones. Wanderer, Hypnotic, The Dormitory and Altered Consciousness represent some of the most persuasive passages of this convincing imaginific-musical projection; once again Tenedle confirms all his ability in designing sound holes from which to scrutinize the illusions that lie beyond the foreseeable reality and amicably opens the doors of his surreal dormitory. We have the choice of entering or staying on the door.

By Alessandro Freschi

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