INDIE PER CUI – Aprile 2018

Excellently dissociated from any production today, Tenedle’s album looks to the past or rather looks far forward, thanks to compositions that do not abuse electronics, but rather convince by expressivity and variable multiformity at every latitude. Music then cultured, expressionism cited aloud in a formula that combines art rock with something more profound, almost songwriting, to tell of this and other lives, this and other bumps in a concentration of quotes really interesting and well played. In Tenedle’s music there is an experimental art of iridescent dream, a way to enter the fourth dimension drawing its roots in the sounds of sacred monsters like Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead without forgetting the king of the overlapping atmospheres David Sylvian. Tenedle totally convinces, the obsessions and the introspective melancholy become winning weapons to create holds of conscience and reflection for a record that in addition to the many guests present as Debora Petrina and Susanna Buffa sediments the audience in moments of cosmic mysticism that transform into brilliant color our life made of gray scales.

Di Marco Zordan