THE ELECTRICITY CLUB United Kingdom – May 2020

There was an earthy, vital sound the Tenedle’s previous album Traumsender (see TEC review previously). Meanwhile Dimitri Niccolai (aka Tenedle) has been keeping busy writing and recording new material (including Glossophobia, the soundtrack to his film The Dormitory).

A new album is in the works, but meanwhile Tenedle has produced a new EP titled Stellar, which presents a good example of where he is musically post-Traumsender. As ever, it’s written and produced by Niccolai, who has also crafted the striking artwork.

There’s an easy-going aspect to title track ‘Stellar’, a smooth slice of synth-pop with a nice line in gentle melodies. Meanwhile, Niccolai’s tight vocal delivery wrap the whole thing up up perfectly.

Originally, ‘Stellar’ was designed to be trialled in live shows, but the current ongoing crisis has forced Niccolai to regroup and rethink how he presents his music.

The EP itself is also being treated as a standalone release from the forthcoming new Tenedle album.

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