ALONEMUSIC – december 2011

As first thing we say at once: get this album in any way, is a box of wonders, that opens without knowing what you would expect to find inside and be amazed by such great stuff contained. The Florentine artist of the Dutch adoption Dimitri aka TENEDLE Niccolai, gives us (the release is dated year 2010) a marvelous album consists of fourteen pearls, some will say too much, but no, if there had been a few more would be appreciated at large.
It was said, fourteen tracks for his fourth album, Grancassa, enhanced by the support of the fine female voices of Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, of Marydim and Silvia Vavolo, and the perfect gentle trumpet by Rocco Brunori, the excellent result in every sense, where the songwriting blends perfectly with the electronics, and frames the stories that tell of desire for freedom, the search of an ideal world, intimist of loneliness and so on, giving the whole something of a sexy dominant that excites and keeps it there and that makes me want to listen and listen again, relentlessly.
The road of experimentation here is beaten far and wide and the Tenedle along with his synthesizer and the computer programming that are indisputably bread for his teeth, developing a course that has as its goal the journey from the atmosphere intoxicating and liberating. Gentlemen, in Italy there are still people making beautiful music (though Dimitri Niccolai works in the Netherlands) and italians know how, broaden your horizons and you’ll find it, Tenedle is an certain example. ”

Margherita Simonetti

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