“EGOCENTRIFUGO” Live in Barcelona 2013 – Outsiders Musica

Florentine resident in the Netherlands, Niccolai Dimitri, aka Tenedle, presented his music in Barcelona for the first time exactly a year ago. His relationship with the Catalan capital has not narrowed since then, thanks to his work as a producer for the local singer-songwriter Jordi Pèlach, which led to the mini-tour last weekend (Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May).

Accompanied by dutch bassist Jos Caspers, Tenedle offered two concerts in very different contexts (plus a live session on Radio program Zibaldone Contrabanda), evidence of the eclectic nature of his artistic proposal. The first show consisted of an acoustic showcase the library Italian Clouds, located in the Gracia district: an unusual situation for him, since the electronic arrangements play a fundamental role in the scriptures and his personal vision of music copyright. However, this format has not detracted from the grinding force of his compositions, revealing the strength of the songs. In an intimate setting, with an audience of mostly Italian, Tenedle has traveled far and wide in his repertoire, with particular attention to his fourth album, the most recent, Grancassa, published at the end of 2010, often interacting with the public, inviting him to sing the choruses and telling anecdotes and details about each of the topics: at the end of the evening, including the encore, the tracks will be fifteen.

The next day, Tenedle has performed as only foreign guest artist during the Festival Ornitorrinco in the cultural space of Can Batlló, In the district de la Bordeta, with the participation of Jordi Pelach, who was also part of the program. The concert was shorter, all the seven songs from the last album and arranged closer to the studio versions. The physical activity, with a rocky ability to stand on the stage, allowed the artist to overcome the language barrier and to get a good reaction of the public, even though the sound was not flawless. In all, a fairly typical situation in the context of a festival.

We would like to let the public of Barcelona know that there is still an important aspect of Tenedle live performance the multimedial one, beside his words and sounds are the most original and authentic expression of his artistic conception, the form of representation for which his songs are expressly written for. In conclusion, we can say that the wait for his third next visit has already begun …

by Enrico Banzola (traduzione italiana di Errepi)
Photo by Mireia Patiño Martí

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