IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO – november 2011

“Boreal refined atmosphere that take place on a carpet of rhythms and percussive loops to set up a sound path accurate and elegant.
This is the new album Tenedle, result by which contributed the interventions of the seductive voices like those of Marydim, Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke and Silvia Vavolo. The album songs explore the human loneliness of our time, marked by a pervasive and dominant technology. Travel is also one of the main themes of the album by the lyrics: a journey in search of themselves, of others, of a road, to be given to the crumbly texture of our days. Full of temperament, the trumpet of Rocco Brunori customize that character the electronic sound of the cd”
(Tenedle, Grancassa. New Model Label.”

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