SHIVER MAGAZINE – December 2015

In order to feelings: charm, class and harmony. There is no reason to upset the gradation within Dimitri Niccolai – aka Tenedle – puts every time in his magnificent albums, in that artistic intelligence accented by a delicate power that hold a whole world, a cosmos of sound really specific.

Odd to love is the new album of the Tuscan-born, Dutch by adoption artist, a personal “concept” in which Tenedle “represented” in music twelve poems by Emily Dickinson, and it is useless to find even one moment of banality. Odd to love is an album that opens the heart and tightens the spirit, horns (played divinely by Bert Lochs), pianos, percussion, guitar, swing, hybrid sounds, reminding aromas from a past New Orleans in bloom and a transcendental vision “over” are the clear expression of this tracklist, where poetry and beauty combined in harmony.

The art of Tenedle is able to enchant, he is able and accurately in, arrangements and aesthetic crossovers, music and silences in balance in a hushed magic, enchantment and technical mantra that he knows by heart and the key, the secret code to undermine – with sweet violence – the soul of who lends his ear. Hopefully and fortunately a record for a few, because many would not deserve it!

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