MARCH 2011

Fourth album for Tenedle, aka Dimitri Niccolai, artist and composer of many facets coming from Florence, who returns to be talked about with some very interesting work, published on December 8, 2010 Udu Records (howling from the underground) and features 14 songs, bounding inextricably song-writing and electronic music. The main equality of “Grancassa” is the perfect balance between music and stylish micro life tales that tell loneliness and dreams somewhere between all and nothing in the quest for freedom and the research of an ideal world that only the imagination can find. It ‘s a disk full of nuances and atmospheres that depict the intimate and visionary the profile of a surprising artist. Tenedle is able to give beauty and sensuality in all tracks, also thanks to collaborations with Marydim, Silvia Vavolo and Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke who, with their vocal harmonies, sealing quality of the whole work. Another notable collaboration is the one with Rocco Brunori with his trumpet, his supply is essential and never bulky. While coming from the underground, “Grancassa” is a clear testimony that in Italy there is a quality music, too often underestimated, that at least deserves more chances.

Stefano Grimaldi

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