is a Composer/Songwriter, Producer, Performer and Sound Designer born in Florence (Italy) living in The Netherlands. In the second half of the ‘80s Tenedle was a member of the electronic new wave band Laughing Silence. The band breaks up in 1995 and Tenedle begins a series of collaborations and projects in the field of electronic music starting his solo career.
Since then Tenedle released 9 studio albums : Psicfreakblusbus (2003), Luminal (2005), Alter (2007) Grancassa (2010) Vulcano (2014) Odd To Love – A tribute to Emily Dickinson (2015) Traumsender (2018), The Beast of Tenedle (Songs collection 2019), Glossophobia (Soundtrack 2020) Stellar (Digital EP 2020) Dark Traumsender (Digital Remixes 2021) Shakespeare (Soundtrack 2022). Distinguished by a mix of songwriting, electronic music, themes from the ‘imaginary’, Tenedle’s projects have led the press to call him “a visionary songwriter” and his songs to be described as “small films”. Tenedle is a contemporary songwriter and his music is a personal universe.
Over the years he has participated in several Prizes gaining recognition both in Italy and in the Netherlands. Tenedle presents his live performances based on electronic sound and visuals with some acoustic moments and theatrical hints. Alone or with guest musicians, in the years, Tenedle performed in Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxemburg. Tenedle’s new album “Demetra” is out now! Released on February 3, 2023. Meanwhile 2024 saw Tenedle’s return on stage with two different performances and the exhibition of the paintings “stellar” , to be visited in the city of Haarlem, The Netherlands, until April 26, the year 2025 will see tenedle’s literary “debut” composed of an anthology of lyrics, poems and short stories.



2003 Psicfreakblusbus
2005 Luminal
2007 Alter
2010 Grancassa
2014 Vulcano
2015 Odd to love
2018 Traumsender
2023 Demetra

Instrumental Music

2020 Glossophobia – Soundtrack
2022 Shakespeare – Music for Film
2023 Smallpox – Abstract Music

Digital Releases

2019 The beast of Tenedle
2020 Stellar EP
2021 Dark Traumsender – Remixes

Digital Remastered Demos

1990 Lesson One – Art is my Life 2022
1993 Lesson Two – The House 2022

Official Demos

1991 Laughing Silence – Treve Sensuelle

Produced by Tenedle

2009 Marydim – Se mi succede – Single
2012 Bender – Voor het te laat is
2014 Papi Chulo – Bon Prepara – EP
2013 Wort Ton Drama – EP
2015 Bender – Van deze hoogte – Single
2016 Tom Bak – De Man van jouw Leven
2017 Pase – Sveglio Fantasma
2017 Beppe Costa – Stage songs


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