MUSICFRAMES (NL) – Ottobre 2015

Tenedle (Dimitri Niccolai) started his work as a composer and songwriter in the project ‘Laughing Silence’ in Italy (Florence) in the 80s/mid 90s. In his music he uses synthesizers and samples and completes it with acoustic instruments (piano, guitar and bass). He creates in this way an unique ambience. An atmosphere where the melody is the most important, completed with ornaments by musical instruments and synthesizers. A way of making music which can be found in his entire work. Nowadays Tenedle lives in the Netherlands and released six albums. His latest work ‘Odd to Love’ is a tribute to Emily Dickinson. An American poet whose poetry is a lyrical reflection of the way of living which was mainly in her house. Tenedle follows the reflection of her poems and put them to music. Rhythmic music, without the use of acoustic drums. But there are drum computers and above all, the instruments make up a single rhythm which are put together as tight rhythmic music. Beautifully are the unexpected melodies which refers to an Italian (Neapolitan) background. Tenedle uses exciting chord progressions and adds sometimes a subtle trumpet or baritone horn played by Bert Lochs. Emily Dickinson’s poetry, however, has remained unpublished during her lifetime, but now she can (posthumous) rejoice this wonderful album ‘Odd To Love’, which makes her poems (more than 130 years old) timeless!

Mattie Poels

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