ESTATICA.IT – June 2012

Fourth official album for Tenedle, which offers electronic drives, soft voice, dreamy intimate lyrics. The synthetic sounds are created with the right taste and balance and a sound research in the mean valuable.
It ‘nice to indulge in this flow consists of keyboards, horns, loops, on which rests a voice that gives warmth to the collection of texts and always serve the music.
Really successful female vocal collaborations Marydim, Silvia Vavolo and Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, alongside that of the male voice Tenedle, give something more to the tracks. Another element to appreciate is the trump of Rocco Brunori, which fits perfectly into the electronic environment. Here and there reveal anything inspirational, I can think of some rhythms and Cure vocals at times close to that of Battiato, Subsonica. The result, however, definitely lives its own life.
Both lyrically, there is an element that unites all the work, which is what the new forms of loneliness.
We analyze some of the most successful songs.
“Hikikomori” (literally “to stand aloof, isolated”) cites the Japanese phenomenon of being isolated for months without leaving the house (“You and me, inside, are two islands, off the black sea. Since the world seems hell, I know that is the same for you. hikikomori. Being alone, pretending to be free in a mall, from the moment when you came I have something to dream about, I can not let you go. hikikomori “).
The sweet and delicate “Ideale” (“Every evil thought is a monster, takes the shape that you want to give. Feeling lonely is a bad excuse, do not abandon what you believe so. Vai slowly against the current, is a state of mind With amente you know ….. in an ideal world “).

The velvety female voice in this “Sta accadendo” gives it a dreamy look to this great song (“Leave everything as it is now, including disorder. Tomorrow I will let the things we use today. Do not know where you are when … [..] But still, I’m dreaming that I hear and I see that happening. In another dimension you’re looking for without explanation, you wander and lose their minds “).
Paranoia, anxiety, memories and echoes from the past in “Boomerang” (“In the old farm, my aunt was locked, but if you ask to see it I’m sure there is, in my aunt’s house take away many things, but if you go to visit there is a room for you […] If you play with the monster, the monster and walk like one day you turn in what you are instinctively always been that you are “).

It is interesting to think that projects like this will remain so little in evidence with respect to the multitude of productions.

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