Here is the first signal-sound-song from Traumsender to be revealed.
This is “Zen”, track number 6 from the new album. It is not an official single but we thought it would be a nice idea to use it to wish you “something” for Christmas (I hope you understand the lyrics). A little gift.
We shot this clip for fun, actually one year ago. It was around Christmas and Circus was in the neighbourhood, always a magic place. Traumsender was already in the air of course. A young girl (Miranda) carries an heavy vintage “unplugged” synthesizer in the surrounding of an illuminated Circus, in the middle of nowhere, playing, singing, waving to be heard and seen from Federico Fellini’s or Ingmar Bergman’s spirit. We loved it black & white. It was cold but we had fun! We hope you will like it too! Enjoy…