Last days and nights, until a few hours ago, I finished mixing the new album of Piccoli animali senza espressione, which will be released in late spring. In a few days the band will announce the release date and the title of their third record. I am satisfied and proud, enthusiastic, I think we have created a precious work, elegant and poethic.
For the band I made some videos and graphics too, inspired by a world of idea and visions they own, It was amazing to have the chance to express mine too.

The second record on which I put my hands, head and ears, last 12 months is the debut album of Tom Bak, also scheduled for late spring. Tom is a dear friend, guitarist of dutch group Bender, band I produced as well in their debut 4 years ago. Tom asked me to “assemble” his “very personal” book of songs. A short album, almost all tracks under the three minutes, but delicious, funny, ironic. I enjoyed a lot working wth him beetween a conversation and some caffeine. We are both very curious about what the record will get, here in Holland.

Now, waiting for the two “babies” come to light and take their course, I started shaping my new “concept” and this time the term “film” seems more appropriate than ever. At least in my head “T” (I have a title already) will be an experience of visions, music, words and performing act very similar to cinema. As always among my madness and reality I Will have to fix a lot, to adapt, always fighting with financing, but ideas are stronger and creativity will win. Stay tuned and I will tell you all about it.