#Sparkle is probably the most transmitted song on the radio since #Traumsender’s release over a year ago. The answer to my “philosophical and extremely stimulating” choice to use English as a language on my records was amazing, first and foremost from the UK, where we know how uneasy it is to “enter”. Then came radios from Mexico, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Israel, and of course, but not so obvious, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Italy.
The release of Sparkle closes the promotion of my seventh studio album. 15 months of concerts, reviews, interviews and a lot of radio. I am very satisfied, actually, I will continue to play these songs for a long time. It was another great pleasure to play them.
Here the video of the song, still in black and white, like almost all the concept #Espressionist of the album, with many elements and photographic and “symbolic” ideas. I am very interested in photography and light in the story. Then the narrative elements, without necessarily being spectacular, in a world where the show is extreme, totally stifling imagination and poetry.

In the video, me, the person who moves in the same “stifling” and dark box of #Revival but this time without makeup or gimmicks, just a pair of glasses to defend himself, almost, playing with a “dangerous” light.
A city was taken from above (made from the debris of a computer, transistors), Light bulbs that float among clouds that dart fast, betrayed by a visible thread – of irony – that supports them, but often on the contrary, upside down. The time that is revolutionized by ideas. I love watching clouds. Then people on a beach, a mass exodus, Dutch Sunday, and ants on an old wall, people moving … Other photographic elements compliant a video not only for pure aesthetics. Almost every fragment represents at least a micro story, a symbol, look …
Obviously, I am at work on new material, I have several things in mind and the urgency or practice of creating is continuous. Music for me is a splendid medium first of all on an inner level, it always leads me into other dimensions and perceptions, it manages to let me work out serenity and obsessions in harmony. But now I can’t think without including in my creative “way” almost all artistic disciplines. That’s why even in the making of the videos I stopped delegating. I love dedicating my time to writing, cinematography, photography, music and sound, painting, drawing, sculpture, play. I do not care to make “mistakes”, the lack of “technique” I may have in some cases is a wonderful form of experimentation, but only when I think I have something to say I come back.
Enjoy and see you soon.

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