As promised, after months of encrypted messages, playing with words and numbers, here’s the title of Tenedle’s new album.

The seventh studio album by the florentine-dutch “adopted” artist, will be released by Sussurround Live & Records in collaboration with Solchi Sperimentali on
March 2, 2018.

The title (dreamsender) comes from a book by Jaques Le Goff, authoritative medievalist, red for the first time over 15 years ago and titled “The Medieval Imaginary”.

All in one page, a short quote, very few lines, the term used is almost a vision in the book itself. A specific term in German that describes a figure to which the origin of dreams was attributed, according to medieval folklore in Europe.

After three years of meditation and evolution, drawings, comics and storyboards on an imaginary movie, born slowly, at the same time as the sound and the compositions,
the “thread”, the concept “Traumsender” came to light.

Once again somehow a tribute, after the album “For and with” Emily Dickinson, this time Expressionism. Film, painting, literature and the art of one of the most fascinating avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century.

The definition of Expressionism as “the propensity of an artist to exalt, exasperating, the emotional side of reality related to the objectively perceived” has become the key to the door to a world and “visionary and imaginative” habits by Tenedle.

How to relate an electronic music record, essentially pop, although not comparable to contemporary pop culture, with artistic, philosophical and literary movements of 100 years ago? The sound has an unimaginable power.

All you have to do is wait for the album to arrive, waiting that we obviously will try to make “sweet” revealing in the coming weeks the cover, the tracklist, the first tour dates and other little but important curiosities on Traumsender, the seventh “Opera” by Tenedle.

Sussurround Live & Records